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Not bad!

How do you upload files to view?

There are no instructions to be found. The program seems to work efficiently enough but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to upload files to its seeable "documents" folder for viewing. Be nice to pull files from my icloud storage too...

Needs more features

It needs to have a material and the bounding box.

How to download my own files?

This is a great app that could be very useful for my company. How do I download my own .fbx file to view in this app?

I have a problem

When you go on the character selection there's only the alien one plz reply back I want to get the other characters and I don't know how but besides that great app!

I was wrong

This app is amazing, not i found the takes on landscape mode . And now im impressed i love it . Soo soooo much. A must have 3D tool

iOS 7 only?

Why is this for iOS 7 only? Surely you could have compiled a version that works on iOS 6. Not everyone was dumb enough to "upgrade" to iOS 7.

Love the app

Works great, but what kind of textures maps does the app support since textures maps doesn't appear?

Great app

I've been wanting an obj viewer for some time now. App works great and fairly smooth, even on my iPad 3. My only quirk I'm running into is that my textured view is crazy overexposed. I am using an obj with jpg texture output from Photoscan.


Works great!

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